Monday, February 27, 2012

So whose going to be the Cleric...?

Anyone? Anyone?!

That's how most of my games start, so it seems appropriate for my first post.

Why is it that no one wants to play a Cleric anyway?  That's how it always seemed to be to me, since I first started on AD&D in the mid-eighties.  Cleric was basically the healing-bitch right?  Doesn't matter how you played it, the expectation was that you would be there with the Cure Light Wounds to pick up the pieces after the fighter 'accidentally hit that troll'.

Pathfinder (my current game of choice) makes it better for the lowly walking WOCLA, with Channel Energy, and I have to say that the healing out put now is MASSIVE.  BOOM! Everyone get back 30hp. Nice!

Still, being the Cleric still seems (for my group at least) to be a necessary evil (ooooh the irony!).

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