Monday, February 27, 2012

Why the Title?

I hate coming up with names for things like blogs.  It's a bloody nightmare.

It has to be relevant (apparently)

It has to stand out (apparently)

It has to-

Well you get the picture.

'Loot The Corpses' Doesn't matter what our alignment is (would you like a Paladin with that sir?) we still jump in and rape the corpses of anything we can get 1/2 gp value for in our nearest NPC pawnbrokers.

Well...all those masterwork rapiers add up right!?

Still.. In my next game I might through in a NPC party stripping a load of dead bodies, covered in gore, just to remind my players what it really means to gather all the parts for the +1 Chainmail..

So 'Loot The Corpses' then.  It's unsavoury, but it's something that is probably worth doing then.

Bit like this blog I guess! ;)

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